Thanks to New Agreement, Mexico-US Flights Could Get Cheaper Soon

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This week, the air transport agreement that Mexico and the United States signed into agreement back in December went into effect. This means traveling between the two countries is about to get easier and cheaper. According to the Associated Press, the accord ends many of the restrictions on flights between the neighbors. So now airlines on both sides can fly as often as they want. Previously, only two or three airlines flew on a specific route. And because they can also set their own prices, the cost should drop. founder George Hobica explains that taxes on both sides have inflated the cost of flights from Mexico and the US and vice versa. “The fares are low; it’s the rest that makes it seem expensive,” he said. An economy-class round trip ticket from Dallas-Forth Worth and Cancun-Mexico can cost from $383 to $585, with something like 20 to 30 percent being taxes and fees.

While United airlines is going to wait to see if there’s increased demand, American, Delta, and Southwest will offer more flight sometime this year. Delta, for example, will have daily nonstop flights from JFK to Cancun, as well as Los Angeles and Los Cabos. Saturdays – starting on December 17 – Delta will fly between Kansas City and Cancun. Airlines are focusing on resort towns, because the agreement doesn’t end landing restrictions to Mexico City’s airport.