Food for thought: $AL$A

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So, Americans spend more money on salsa now than ketchup, y con razón.  More stats about the Latinification (Latinization? whateva) of the country.  Cool.  We’re down with that. What we’re NOT down with is some of the misinformation put forth this morning on the Early Show, when Latina magazine’s editorial director showed America how to make the salsa they love so much.

Cool that she was on there, but the Incas aren’t from Mexico, cucumber doesn’t go into pico de gallo, and "pico" means "beak", not "nose" (or penis, if you’re in Chile, but that’s not what we’re talking about here….)  And salsa really is just any sauce, technically, but anyway.

Just a few things, and yes we’re nitpicky, but we like our salsa dammit!!!  And we like it fresh, like Betty made it.  I wonder if Americans will start making their own, instead of buying the jarred stuff.  Hmm.  Food for thought.

Watch the video of the Early Show HERE