Former Bolivian President Evo Morales is seeking to run for parliament in the South American country’s upcoming May 3 general election, Raw Story reports.

Morales, who is currently living under political asylum in Argentina, aims to run for legislator under his Movement for Socialism (MAS) party.

The 60-year-old politician resigned as president in November amid protests and withdrawn support from the military following an Organization of American States report that found evidence of voter fraud in Morales’ favor in the October 20 election, where the leader, who was president for 13 years, was running for another term. Morales, Bolivia’s longest-serving president, called his outing a “coup.”

By running for office in Bolivia, Morales, who has a warrant out for his arrest, faces incarceration. On Twitter, the could-be candidate stated that the opposition interim government attempted to apprehend his lawyer Wilfredo Chavez while he tried to register the ex-president as a parliamentary candidate.

There are currently six candidates running for president in the approaching election, including former economy minister Luis Arce, who Morales named the MAS party’s candidate; interim president Jeanine Anez; Centrist former President Carlos Mesa and right-wing politicians Luis Fernando Camacho, Chi Hyun Chung and former President Jorge Quiroga.

Raw Story reports that MAS is leading in the most recent opinion polls with 26 percent of voter intentions.

In addition to a new president, Bolivians will also elect 36 senators and 120 deputies.