Nothing Is Cuter Than This Video of Fourth-Grader and Future Inventor Kevin Rodriguez

Lead Photo: Fox 7
Fox 7
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On the first day of school, you can easily spot the kids who hate that summer life is over and those who can barely contain their enthusiasm. Fourth-grader Kevin Rodriguez adorably belongs to the latter group, and his eagerness far surpasses others. On Monday, Fox 7’s Tania Ortega chatted with the Austinite outside of his new school. In rapid bursts, he said he felt excited about the new school year, because it put him one step closer to fifth grade. Though, he seemed to forget how school worked and said that after fifth grade, he’d either head to college, high school, or pre-school.

He also reminded us that children are honest to a fault. Tania asked him if how he felt about seeing his friends again, but Kevin admitted that he only made one friend at his old school. “I’m hoping I can make more friends than just one,” he said. We’re big fans of Kevin and don’t know who wouldn’t want to be his friend. He’s hilarious and wants to be an inventor in the future, which is why math and science are his favorite subjects.

The whole interview is precious, but the best part is when he goes on a mini rant about his mom thinking he’s a baby. It’s the reason he’s not allowed to walk on his own and has to wear protective gear when riding his bike. “I know how to ride a bike already, even without protective gear!” he said.

Check out the whole video below and listen to Kevin wishing you well – but only if you’re in the fourth or fifth grade: