Meet the Afro-Latina Behind the Powerful T-Shirt Frank Ocean Wore at Panorama Music Festival

Lead Photo: Kayla Robinson, Green Box Shop owner. Photo via Green Box Shop
Kayla Robinson, Green Box Shop owner. Photo via Green Box Shop
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Last night, at NYC’s Panorama Music festival, Frank Ocean performed his headlining set in a T-shirt that became one of the night’s biggest conversation pieces. “WHY BE RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC WHEN U COULD JUST BE QUIET?” the tee asked.

The young woman behind the tee is 18 year-old Kayla Robinson, a Dominican, Afro-Latina entrepreneur whose independent clothing business Green Box Shop launched last year. The shop’s apparel all centers powerful social justice messages, ranging from subjects like feminism to climate change.

“I started this business in May 2016 out of an old 800 square foot apartment (living with my mom). When I couldn’t find any social justice tee shirts online for myself, that really would grab someones attention, I decided to make my own and sell them to raise money to get my yoga teacher certification (Now the ultimate vision is urban farming). I am an 18 year old Afro-Latina bisexual woman who can’t really summarize herself with a cliche sentence,” Robinson explains on the Green Box Shop site.

After Frank Ocean gave her tee a big platform, the internet is clamoring to cop it – and her other clever shirts.

“It’s very exciting to see a queer icon like Frank Ocean giving a voice to marginalized groups and using his platform to raise awareness about social justice issues using one of our shirts,” Robinson told The Fader about Ocean’s co-sign. “My business is essentially my life message. I want other companies to know that they can use sustainable/ environmentally friendly business practices (fair trade and/or organic fabrics) and still thrive as a business. The fact that Frank Ocean is contributing to this reality is surreal for me and I am eternally grateful.”

Scoop the “Why be racist when u could just be quiet” tee for $18.99 here, and check out the rest of Green Box Shop’s apparel.