Free Download: Antiguo Régimen's "La Formación de la Sombra" [ESP]

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Valencia’s Antiguo Régimen is one of Spain’s latest post-punk acts to have a knack for high lead bass, eerie synths and vocals. You know, all that good Joy Division stuff. They’re also a lot less goth than their post-punk peers Capitán, but just as great.

Little is known about the band other than they’re a quartet featuring members of darkwave/industrial outfit Roman Skirts, surf-punk group Venereans, hardcore punk group Disparo, and “blues catastrófico hell sound” (a.k.a. blues-punk) group Los Espantos. We’re not really sure how a bunch of hardcore punks went post-punk while staying punk but we’re glad it happened.

Check out the group’s debut single “La Formación De La Sombra” along with two bonus tracks on their bandcamp page, available on a name-your-price basis.