Free Download: New Balún Album

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The last time you used your memoria textil, your abuelita was teaching you how to knit. And knowing you, readers, that must have been 30 years ago. Mwahaha.

But no, really, even though it’s been four years since we last got a new album from Puerto Rican band Balún, it feels more like 30. Thankfully, they’ve made up for it: Their brand-new and delicately sweet CD, Memoria Textil, is up for grabs right now. José Olivares, Angélica Negrón, Noraliz Ruiz and Leonardo Velázquez have taken a cue from the widespread lo-fi trend and the chiptunes genre to craft their songs, and the new influences have paid off. Standout sampler El árbol y otras cosas sounds like it could fit right in a Sofia Coppola soundtrack.

You can download the entire album after the jump — either for free or via a Radiohead-ish name-your-own-price system. Also available at the same address is a 100-count limited edition of Memoria Textil CD-Rs with a cloth-print cover art, a lyrics booklet and additional artwork.