Free Download: Nickodemus reps PR in "San Juan Minute" [USA/PR]

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A few years ago, globetrotting producer Nickodemus released a funky rap single titled “A New York Minute.” But New York maybe felt too small scale for the guy, so now he’s thinking globally for his next project. For his first “New York Minute” follow-up, Nickodemus went to Puerto Rico and, with the help of a few local underground rappers, put together “A San Juan Minute.”

If the music sounds familiar it’s because they used the track “La Valla” by New York’s Latin funk revivalists Bronx River Parkway, leaving the original instrumentation and even the whole intro intact. So, in essence, it’s all about the connection between the two cities, New York and San Juan.

MC’s E A Flow, Nebula, Velcro & Ikol Santiago drop their wise rhymes with impeccable flow over the funky beat, which sounds like it was specifically made for that purpose. The tireless Nickodemus keeps on adding stamps to his passport: he also has “A Tokyo Minute” and even “A Dubai Minute” in the works. Which city should Nickodemus highlight next? My money’s definitely on Des Moines.

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