Free Download: Oddó's "Démonos el Tiempo" ft. Cecilia Amenábar [CHL/ARG]

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Electro-pop comes out in droves from Chile, but we try to limit how much of it we feature on the site. We don’t want to bombard you with all that glitter and synth. Our intention is not to desensitize you to the wonders of pop music. We want to celebrate it when celebration’s due. So we leave you with the title track off Oddó’s sophomore LP, Démonos el Tiempo, produced by Astro’s Lego Moustache. The track features Argentine actress and musician—and Benito Cerati’s mom—Cecilia Amenábar.

“Démonos el Tiempo” fuses a lot of influences, some darker, some lighter. The song’s true force comes in when they both proclaim, “Despídete de la destreza.” The chorus has a light digi-trop current, pitting his pleasant voice against Amenábar’s even-more-pleasant voice.

If you don’t know Oddó, né Ismael Oddó Arrarás, you should. The guy’s been around for a while, formerly serving as bassist for Alamedas and Francisca Valenzuela. His last album, Déjame Dormir, homaged Cerati heavily, so dueting with the mother of his offspring feels beautifully full circle.

Download Oddó’s “Démonos el Tiempo” ft. Cecilia Amenábar for FREE here and stream below.