Free Download: Poki Tatane's Breve Explicación de las Partes EP [CHL]

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Poki Tatane has been hailed by many respected Chilean blogs as one of the country’s best-kept secrets. The name is the alias of young Puente Alto producer Patricio Castillo, who debuted on the scene in 2012 with his five-track EP, Breve Explicación de las Partes. It’s a fitting name for a record in pieces, as every song is as different in style and sampling as the next to create a collection that plays more like a mixtape than a cohesive album.

This isn’t bad, as it lets us see Castillo pushing boundaries in terms of the different electronic music genres he mixes. He goes from a bit of early-UK dubstep (very little to do with what you hear from bros like Skrillex) to trip-hop and some tech-house thrown in. Yes, you can hear the wobble in songs like “Hiva” and “El Hombre en el Castillo,” but it’s not disruptive. In fact, it blends to elicit a bit of drama and emotion.

It’s music made by machines (such is the century we live in), but Castillo manages to put his own stamp on it, creating a style that rivals many of the contemporary electronica producers. Being creative in this game is tough—considering almost everybody is using the same software, sequencers, and synthesizers—but Castillo manages to make his music sound fresh and, most importantly, have some heart. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard some DJ spinning “Jobim” at a trendy club. It fits. But then you have a darker gem like “Esclavos Rumbo al Virreinato,” which is another game entirely. If you’re a fan of someone like Ulrich Schnauss, then this one’s for you.

It’s really easy to be an awful electronica act. There’s a lot of terrible crap out there. I mean, Pauly D is a “deejay.” Paris Hilton is a “producer.” But just remember, there are some people who know what they’re doing. So download Poki Tatane’s EP for FREE from Discos Pegaos.