Free Download: Wagoner Remixes Los Angeles Azules + Saúl Hernández [MEX]

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Not too long ago we posted about this tribute to Los Angeles Azules, produced by Toy Selectah and Camilo Lara. The legendary Mexican romantic cumbia band, mandatory at all quinceañera party playlists, hooked up with a who’s-who of current Latin Alternative (Kinky, Carla Morrison, Los Amigos Invisibles, Ximena Sariñana, Bomba Estéreo, and the list goes on).

While that album is still only available in Mexico (and we hope somebody is planning to fix this and release it, this side of the border, soon) we just got this dope remix of the album’s first single by our friends Wagoner. Allegedly, the record label commissioned the remix from the D.F. trio but then decided not to use it, so Wagoner are giving it away for free.

In the hands of Wagoner, “Entrega de Amor” leaves behind pretty much all its cumbia components. The main song structure and the vocals by guest superstar Saúl Hernández (of Caifanes/Jaguares, in case, you know, the name didn’t ring a bell) are treated with respect but the beat gets an extreme electronic makeover, with only some tiny samples of the original accordion and brasses left untouched. Let’s enjoy this free remix while we cross our fingers and wait patiently for the actual album.