Free Mixtape: Chorisapiens, Get It While Its Hot

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From Argentina via the Bay Area with love comes Chorisapiens, not a choripan sandwich, but a popin’ new mixtape from DJ Juan Data. This is one of those mixtapes you press play to turn a party for one…into a standing room-only, crazy party.

Cumbia is pulled, stretched and fashioned to funk, trip-hop, house, tango, mambo and hip-hop! Yup, it’s all here and it sounds padrisimo! There are some great artists featured in the mix that you would never invite to the same asado but seem right at home here.

Black Mandingo offers a “Heavy Bass vs M.I.A.” track that gives way to a jazzy one-liner by La Mala Rodriguez who later rocks it out in “Tambalea.” Carlos Gardel’s iconic “Mi Buenos Aires Querido” reaches high level beats that take you into some Calle 8, Public Enemy, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs even some Willie Colon, and many many more!

If you follow too closely to this guest list, you might get whiplashed. So just buckle your velcro straps and let it take you from 0 to 100 mph and into a chorisapiens dancing machine!

Download it and tell me how fast you went?