Frida Kahlo Gets an Official App, and So Far it Seems Kind of Pointless

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As of this week, Frida Fiends can now download an official Frida Kahlo app – not to be confused with the other two Frida-inspired apps floating around on the App Store.

Frida Kahlo – The Official App, is a collaboration between My Guides, Inc. and the Frida Kahlo Corporation, the company that owns the rights to her “brand” name and which is controlled by Frida’s niece, Isolda Kahlo. Theoretically, the Corporation was created in order to protect how Kahlo is branded internationally, and who profits from using her name. But with everything from Frida Kahlo-branded tequila to Frida Converse sneakers to rumors of a line of Frida Kahlo hotels  “authorized” by The Frida Kahlo Corporation, it doesn’t seem like much is off limits when it comes to pimping the artist and her legacy. In fact, Isolda Kahlo has often been accused of enriching herself by exploiting her aunt’s name.

It remains to be seen whether this is the case with the Frida app, which is currently available on both Google Play and the App Store. I tested it out, and so far there’s not much to it. There’s a biography on Frida, with tidbits like the fact she told people she was born in 1910, so that she could be associated with the Mexican Revolution. AKA nothing you can’t find on Wikipedia. There’s also five exclusive photographs, which is definitely the highlight of the app so far.

In a press release, My Guides, Inc. said there would be more to come, but that some of it would cost money. “Future in-app purchases will also include the following features: customized, art-related Frida backgrounds (to make a Frida-themed device), ability to set the photos as wallpaper on your phone/tablet, social-media sharing, zooming capabilities, and trivia questions,” the company said. “Each new feature will allow a user to enjoy timeless photos of Frida, while displaying unique Frida backgrounds on your smartphone.”

Basically, you’ll just have to stay tuned in to see if you’re into this app.