Frida Kahlo Honored with Immersive Audiovisual Exhibition — & We Want to Go

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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An immersive, traveling exhibition bringing the world of iconic painter Frida Kahlo to life opened recently in Madrid, Spain.

“Vida y Obra de Frida Kahlo” features 2,500 hand-painted images of Kahlo’s masterpieces projected on more than 12,000-square-feet of space inside the Teatro Instante. This includes works like “The Two Fridas,” “The Wounded Deer” and “Me and My Parrot.”

Curators for the exhibition are Roxana Velásquez Martínez del Campo, executive director of the San Diego Museum of Art, and Deidré Guevara, curator of the exhibition ‘Frida and I’ at the Georges Pompidou Museum in Paris.

In an image of Kahlo’s famous painting “Self Portrait with Monkey,” the monkeys are animated and move their face and bodies while they hang from Kahlo’s shoulders and hide behind her in the lush plants. There are also altars erected throughout the gallery, decorated with candles and other items to emphasize the artwork. Images of Kahlo’s diary entries are also displayed during the audiovisual exhibition.

On its official website, the exhibition is described as “a symphony of color and sound.” It includes original music by composer Arturo Cardelús featuring traditional Mexican and European music. The Budapest Art Orchestra recorded the soundtrack.

“The objective of ‘Vida y Obra de Frida Kahlo’ is to bring to the general public some of the masterpieces of the painter and others less known, such as ‘The Suicide of Dorothy Hale’ or ‘What the Water Gave Me,’ but also to contextualize her figure and highlight her resilience and personal strength,” a statement for the exhibition read.

“Vida y Obra de Frida Kahlo” will be on display at the Teatro Instante in Madrid through February 2022. The exhibition will travel to other cities afterward, including Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Bangkok.