Frida the Rescue Dog Received a Medal for Her Heroic Work After the Mexican Earthquake

Lead Photo: Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment
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After the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit central Mexico on September 19, the world was searching for uplifting stories of heroism, and they found one in an unlikely place. Frida, a now-8-year-old Labrador Retriever, was spotted helping relief efforts in the days after the tremor, finding people trapped in the ruins of post-earthquake Mexico City. The internet promptly fell in love, creating artwork and even dressing up their own pets in Frida’s instantly-iconic protective goggles and booties.

Now, two months later, Frida has been honored with the Pagés Llergo prize for her efforts during the relief.

While Frida rose to fame after the September 19 earthquake, she has a history of helping during natural disasters; she was part of relief efforts for the Haiti earthquake, as well as tremors in Guatemala, Ecuador, and even the Oaxaca earthquake that took place on September 7. Aside from the prize, Frida has also been honored with her image on the side of a Volaris plane, featuring her happy face and the goggles:

The José Pagés Llergo Foundation–which awards the prize–normally gives recognition to journalists, academics, and students, but decided this year to switch it up by awarding it citizens and social leaders that aided in the September 19 relief efforts. Alongside Frida, Martin Moctezuma Luis Hernández and Salvador Kellerman were honored; Hernández is a soldier who went viral for a photo–taken by Kellerman– of him crying in a rescue area.