A Chilean Fashion Show Is Reinventing the Runway With Robot Models

Lead Photo: Esmeralda Garmendia, Mackswell Sherman and Rodrigo Quevedo. Photo by Cici Rivarola
Esmeralda Garmendia, Mackswell Sherman and Rodrigo Quevedo. Photo by Cici Rivarola
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Through its creative wing SUD XD, Chilean production company Sud Producciones is gearing up for an unprecedented event in Latin America, one that will bring arts and technology together for a night to remember. Today, Santiago de Chile will witness Future Fashion Show, a runway show that gathers over 20 local and foreign artists from various disciplines, including photography, video mapping, music, and design. This multi-sensory affair is sure to challenge our idea of what the fashion world should look like.

The main event will be NYC designer Mackswell Sherman‘s collection, which is going to be modeled by mini-robots – yes, robots – created by Chilean technology association Rotatecno. Sherman, who is known for his futuristic take on streetwear and the gender neutral designs he creates through MOVES and FONY, seems like the best fit for an event like this. The runway show was envisioned as an attempt to build bridges between creatives in North and South America.

On the musical front, three fresh names from the Chilean indie and club scenes are joining forces for a one-time live show. Miss Garrison’s Fran StraubeSebastián Román (of Román & Castro and MKRNI fame), and Cazería Cazador Records founder Matías Contreras are set to perform on the runway while the robots rock the catwalk.

In case you were wondering – and we know you are – the clothes aren’t just designed for robots; people will be able to wear them too. Stay tuned next week for the release of the official lookbook, paired with a special piece of music made by RUBIO, Straube’s solo project.

To everyone in Santiago: make sure you attend this nutty, one-of-a-kind experience today at 7:30 p.m., at Teatro If in Barrio Italia. Watch the trailer below.

To hype us up for the occasion, Cazería Cazador’s Matías Contreras has curated a futuristic playlist for all your robot fashion needs.

Update, 5/25/16 6:48 p.m. Watch the live stream of the fashion show here.