Gameboy Reggaeton

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The second annual Blip Festival is here, where ultra geek electronic music and visuals based on video games (the more archaic, the better), low-res technology and more is put on display. More than 40 artists from all over the world will converge for the 4-day festival, taking place at The Bell House in Gowanus.

Friday night will be particularly exciting with the New York debut of Barcelona-based duo Meneo, whose specialty is “gameboy reggaeton” with songs such as “amorrr” “papi” and “culo.” Or, as they describe themselves (in the third person) on their homepage:

“The band members are Rigo Pex, who plays direct gameboy reggaetón and electro-dancehall, produced on stage with vocoders, keytars and lo-fi toys. Along comes VJ Fruity Booty, a liger (50% lion, 50% tiger) with a visual mission to flash your eyes with his made-to-measure vjing application that’s been the envy of many on several video art festivals.”

Meneo is performing a late show on Friday along with Nuyorker  Minusbaby, aka Richard Caraballo (a buddy of Balun).

MENEO on full blast @ Mapping Festival 2008 from entter com on Vimeo.