Gawker Launches New Mexican Drug War Column – Read It

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Photo source: Gawker

News/gossip/opinion/snark blog Gawker has launched a new weekly column today by writer Miguel A. Rodríguez, called Mexican Drug Blood. This first installment, entitled “Anything Goes in Dirty War”, chronicles the use of drug war facts and statistics as political leverage in the current Mexican presidential race.

But since all is fair in love and war, US investigations against ex-priísta Governors (Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)) have recently been revealed; accusations that no one would have doubted for an instance had they not come to light precisely a couple of weeks before the elections. Manuel Cavazos, Tomas Yarrington, and Eugenio Hernandez are accused of money laundering, fiscal crimes, and illicit profiteering during their reign as Governors of the state of Tamaulipas from 1993-2010.

Dirty war, protest the priístas, but anything goes in war.

Check out the full column. We look forward to checking in for future installments.