GA Sheriff’s Office Employee Fired After Telling Ecuadorian Teen to Stop Speaking Spanish

Lead Photo: Photo by Henryk Sadura / Getty
Photo by Henryk Sadura / Getty
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In a recent video, Walter Browning – then an employee for the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office – was caught insulting at Cristina Riofrio, a 19-year-old woman speaking Spanish in a Savannah McDonald’s. When she called him “a racist,” he admitted that he was. Since the video went viral, Browning has been fired from his job as a jail maintenance mechanic.

“I have no reaction to it,” said Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher. “It’s just something that I will not tolerate. We are humans, you’re never gonna stop it from happening. You gonna put your brain in gear before you put your mouth open. We’re not gonna tolerate it, and that’s the end of the subject.”

Riofrio, who is Ecuadorian, was chatting with a friend when Browning told her to stop speaking Spanish. Browning brought up Donald Trump several times, but Riofrio spoke out when he decided to talk about her parents. He told her that her parents made the United States a “horrible place.”

“At first I was really surprised and shocked but then I realized these people, there’s a lot of people in this country and sadly us people that are foreigners that speak other languages, not only Latinas, others, have to sadly face this,” Riofrio told NBC News.