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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With a Tutorial From Photographer & Collage Artist Broobs

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Lead Photo: Photo by Rodrigo Olivar.
Photo by Rodrigo Olivar.
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As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This year might be the biggest production of lemonades in our lifetime and it has wreaked havoc with our psyche. Sácale Jugo is here to present a path to a happier, more creative daily routine.

For many of us, working from home has become the new normal which has made the separation of our job lives with our private lives almost indistinguishable. That means we sometimes don’t know when to stop working and start living or take a breath from our stressful routine, not to mention exhaustion from sitting in front of a computer all day. This chronic low-grade stress may develop, causing us to lose creativity and concentration as well as our good spirits. This is where Sácale Jugo comes in.

To boost our creative flow, as well as physical activity, Juice Monster has developed a series of free video tutorials conducted by young Latinx creatives to teach us how to take a breath and reclaim our expressive side. These videos aim to help our brains out of survival mode and to a more relaxed state by showing us that inspiration can come from everyday life.

This week, photographer and collage artist Broobs will show you how to make a portrait and turn it into a work of art in a few simple steps. Broobs’ work is characterized by the use of nature to compose images inspired by catholic iconography and a classical color palette to meld the past and the present in a seamless way. As shown in the Sácale Jugo tutorial, this is much easier done than said, taking inspiration from friendship and walks around the neighborhood.

Check out the video below and look out for the next one coming next week, where artist and graphic designer Ricardo González will take you on a different creative path.