Get Your Pulparindo Fix Online

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While New York City has its share of Latino specialty food stores, you need not worry if you don’t live near a neighborhood offering the delicacies you desire. Many of our childhood favorites – candies, spices, sauces – are now available online.

If ceviche doesn’t wash down quite right without an Inca Kola, if your assorted Gamesa cookies are only fully enjoyed with Ibarra chocomil, of if Malta is your idea of a real six-pack, you might want to check out some of the websites below: – This comprehensive site is organized by country. The list includes 19 Latino countries, and Jamaica. Easy browsing, but product offerings not as extensive as others. – Nationwide online grocery store for hard-to-find authentic Mexican food (yes, my querido limon packets made the cut), recipes, cookbooks, and jewelry.
– Specializes in food from Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
– This is the online version of El Mercado Latino, a shop located in the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington. Specializes in Latin foods but also carries items from places in Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. – A division of LatinAmerican Foods, Inc., imports approximately 800 products from several Latin-American countries.