Trying to find that one-stop-shop where you’ll be grabbing some latinspired Holiday gifts? Nope, not Walmart. If you or your loved ones’ wish lists include one of a kind little treasures like handmade jewelery from Venezuela, tin mirrors from Mexico, or retablos from Peru, Remezcla’s got the place for you.

Fuego 718 is a small but packed novelty, decor and craft store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Though it’s been in the neighborhood for nearly 10 years, it can be easy to miss this small, colorful shop nestled on Grand Street. Walk inside, and you’re transported to another world, from the papel picado decorating the entrance to the (super friendly) store owner, Alex, to the explosion of colors and textures.

Call me vieja, but I can’t stop thinking about these bright pillows i saw there (also apparently made of “Organic Cotton,” a win for the nature freaks!).


Photo: @hooleahoolea


Photo: @hooleahoolea

Place where you can get tía an image of la Virgencita and get your newly-old-enough-to-drink cousin a calavera shot glass? Check.