Girl Ñews: William Mebarak's New Book & Sofía Vergara's New Granmaness

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Here are some chismes that are getting us through hump day.

1. Shakira‘s dad, journalist William Mebarak Chadid, just published a book of short stories, poems, newspaper articles and memories of his youth.  “Al Viento y Al Azar” is Mebarak’s fifth book and is being distributed through Barcelona’s Casa del Libro. And although most ñews sites may be focusing their attention on how pregnant Shakira was while attending her dad’s presentation, the book itself is light, fun prose about Mebarak’s “volatile loves” of youth, as well as reflections on politics, environment and the problems of today’s society. Word is that Papa will write Shakira’s biography…Question: will it include her rabiosa phase?

2. Sofia Vergara is going to be an abuela. Yup, although the searches that come up on Google about Manolo Vergara are awkwardly confusing (ranging from “is Manolo Vergara gay?” to “where does Manolo Vergara go to college”), it seems that a Puertorican-American has snagged him.  Queue the yo momma jokes. Sofía looks very happy about it in this Univisión interview, saying “Es terrible, es el rumbo natural de la vida” with a big-ass  smile. But in all sincerity, she’s probably happy that it wont be her putting on the pounds right? Or will someone need to convince her that this baby won’t take her swag?

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