During these times, everyone is chipping in where they can to help those affected by the economic crisis that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought upon us. In Oaxaca, Mexico, fishermen from the ports of Salina Cruz have focused on donating fresh fish to families who have limited resources.

According to Istmo Press, the fishermen from Alianza Pesquera de Oaxaca offered two tons of fish of various species and, thankfully, every family from neighborhoods of the port of Salina Cruz is receiving fresh fish.

Ignacio Pérez Cervantes is leading this initiative. He and four crews went out for four consecutive days to catch the fish.

“We do not go out to work. We are at home. For example, in my case, I dedicate myself to cleaning houses and now everything has been canceled,” said Virginia Martínez, one of the many recipients of a few of the fish, in Spanish. “This fish that they gave me today will be my food for today because many people live day-to-day here,” she said in Spanish.

Anselmo López Villalobos, president of the Oaxaca Fisheries Alliance, said this idea arose from an interest in supporting families in this pandemic. Fishermen and the authorities are offering their boats and support for fuel and food during the fishing season.

“We launched this initiative to the federal and state government as a sign of solidarity. We offer the boats and our time, and the authorities offer fuel, and only that,” Villalobos said. “It is not about staying well with any politician. This is helpful for the people who are in crisis derived from the contingency.”

It has been the fishermen themselves who, with their own resources, have donated fresh fish to families. Though he wishes the government were more supportive of the initiative, he’s looking ahead.

“Hopefully our government will be more sensitive and accept our proposal to continue with the program that, today, is needed more than [ever],” he concluded. “Because we’re talking about an impressive amount of fish (50 to 60 tons per week) that would reach a significant number of municipalities, communities, agencies, neighborhoods and communities in these moments of great anguish and despair for thousands of Oaxacan families, derived from the COVID-19.”