Monday’s Google Doodle Allows You to Play Lotería With Users Around the World

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google
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Google is celebrating Lotería — and giving you an opportunity to play the iconic Mexican game.

On Monday, the search engine’s popular Google Doodle featured four Lotería cards. When users click on the vibrant image, they are taken to a video that educates them on the traditional game.

“Lotería is a Mexican board game of chance,” it says, before giving an explainer on the bingo-like game that uses beans instead of markers.

The search giant teamed up with five Mexican and Mexican-American artists to revamp the classic cards, like El Corazón, La Chalupa, El Sol and El Árbol. They also collaborated with Mexican YouTuber Luisito Communicates, who narrates the Doodle.

Google didn’t stop there. It created an interactive game that allows users from all over the world to play the Mexican hit digitally.

The game is broken down so it can be played by newbies as well as those of us who grew up with the pictograms always around. Players can try their luck with friends, family or randos on the interwebs.

The Mexican-themed Google Doodle marks just the second time the brand creates a multiplayer experience. In October, it dropped a ghoulish game of 7 Doors for Halloween.