Governor Luis Fortuño calls Puerto Rico "the most special place in the United States," wishes you a Merry Christmas

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Special nightblogging!

I just tuned into the live broadcast of Christmas in Rockefeller Center on NBC – a night of mediocre performances from recording artists that no one really cares about anymore and/or probably will in the future, and also Javier Colon who I guess is pretty cool but Donald Trump’s presence cancels Javi’s out – in time to see the little piece from Puerto Rico tourism, wherein Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño and his wife, dressed casually, stand in front of a bluescreened-in image of El Morro, wishing New York a Merry Christmas “from Puerto Rico, the most special place in the United States.”

I’m not even kidding. He said that. Out loud.

Guess we know where he stands on that vote that’s happening next year. Something tells me that you readers are going to have opinions on this!

As always, whoever’s able to provide us with a video will win ALL the brownie points.

UPDATE: Thanks to Israel Melendez, Jr. for pointing out in the comments that “The Most Special Place in the United States” is apparently one of Puerto Rico’s official slogans. Not sure how much that changes things – as the words going into anything written are selected by the writer – but it’s still a pretty interesting piece of information to have. What do you guys think?