This Man Pulled Off the Best Graduation Surprise for His Parents & Now We’re Crying

Lead Photo: Photo by adamkaz / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by adamkaz / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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For many of us, graduation is a life-changing experience, which is why Hanss Mujica knew he had to go big for his commencement announcement. A few years ago, Hanss was suspended from school, and the disappointment in his parents’ faces haunted him. “I told myself that day that I would never do anything to ever disappoint the again,” he wrote on Facebook. “Here we are a few years later… planning a surprise photoshoot for my parents. They thought it was a family shoot for a project… little did they know it was my graduation announcement.”

In a seven-minute video, we can see his parents pose for a photographer before they receive a letter from their son. The letter begins with Hanss thanking them for all they’ve done for him. Hanss quickly emerges in the background in his cap and gown holding a sign that reads “They have no idea I’m graduating.” His parents continue reading the emotional letter as tears stream down their faces. With the microphone picking up the wind, it’s difficult to hear what the letter says in detail, but when Hanss’ dad is done reading, he’s given a second envelope containing two tickets to his commencement ceremony. And right when his entire family is bawling, they’re told to turn around, and they see Hanss holding a sign that says, “Gracias mamá y papá.”

Check out the video below and prepare to weep.

Posted by Hanss Mujica on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

And then check out his full message and the images from the photo shoot below:

They've always said that the greatest gift you can ever gift your parents, is the gift of education. I've planned for…

Posted by Hanss Mujica on Saturday, May 12, 2018