The Levi's Film Workshop takes over L.A.

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Here at Remezcla we love street art…and films. So, we are excited to present you the film packed, graffiti filled events at the Levi’s Film Workshop, la madre of all workshops. Graffiti exhibition meets street art, film showcase meets filmmaking bootcamp. Levi’s has been working with many of the street artists tagged for MOCA’s exhibition “Art in the streets” (including some of our favorite Latino grafiteros) to celebrate street art and teach you tricks of the filmmaking trade. There’s more than enough to please any film/street art junkie. Just check out what you can do:



VJ Franz K shares his Kubriesque multimedia art and knowledge. Jim Le Fevre teaches you the art of the Phonotrophe, the contraption he invented to make old school animations plus it’s live streamed. You really don’t have an excuse to skip any. But if you do, Echo Park Film Center is around all Mondays and Sundays to teach everyone and anyone film techniques.


Film screenings

The films go well beyond street art cult classics, into all sorts of collaborative films and video projects centered on street art, skate, music, and food. Levi’s also brings you the masters behind them. In May, you can meet grafitero Neck Face. He may not show his face, but you get to see him really close. If you are craving to learn more about MOCA’s exhibition, you should catch Alex Stapleton’s “Outside in: The Story of Art in the Streets.”


If you’d rather make than watch films,
you get all the filmmaking tools you can imagine

In case all these activities leave you wanting for a chance to actually take a stab at filmmaking, the Film Workshop gives you access to all sorts of filmmaking gadgets. Whether you are a professional filmmaker or just like to dabble in it, you may want to check (and use) all the editing tools available for free or for rent. We are talking about professional software, cameras, and even a Phonotrope for you to play with.

Get over to the Levi’s Film Workshop and have some fun.

And so you don’t miss any of the events here’s the lineup for the rest of May:

5/14/11 – Phonotropic fun with Jim Le Fevre –   1:00 pm

5/14/11 – A/V Session with VJ Franz K – from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

5/15/11 – Meet Neck Face + Isaiah Seret – 3:00 pm

5/24/11 – Premiere of “Outside in: The Story of Art in the streets”  – Egyptian Theater at 8:00 pm

The Levi’s Film Workshop will be around from April 17 to August 8. For more information on the upcoming dates, check out the Film Workshop’s site.