Greatest Hits: March 2012

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Using brand new, totally scientific methods, we’ve identified’s greatest hits for the month of March. MIREN! Click the pics to read.



TNU: Univision Streams Awesome Old Movies for Free

This month’s first A Theater Near You made a sacrifice to the Gods of Procrastination and Wasted Internet Time, and were soundly rewarded by a miracle: cheesy old Mexican movies, streaming for free on the internet. Praise be.


Geraldo Rivera’s Insensitive Hoodie Comments Actually Kind of Sad

Geraldo Rivera said something kind of dumb, but kind of dumb in a way that rings pretty true.


World Theater Day 2012 – Your Guide to Latino Shows

Get cultured. World Theater Day has passed, but most of these shows are just getting started – see what’s going on in your city.


The 5 Best Ricky Ricardo Spanish Moments

Desi Arnaz’s Spanish freakouts were a part of all of our childhoods. In honor of this legend’s birthday, here’s our five favorites.


Remezcla Picks: New Directors/New Films Festival 2012

ND/NF 2012 is over, but check out this list of films.


GUIDE: The Latin Food of Dine In Brooklyn

Dine In Brooklyn is over, but all these restaurants remain delicious…even though they’re more expensive, now.


Dominicanese 101: A Primer on the Lingua Franca of the Dominican Republic and its Diaspora

Okay, it has a long-ass title, but it sure as shit helped me understand the world around me a little better. Give it a read to make sure you understand your Dominican friends.


Louis CK surprises more people with his Mexicanidad



Adidas Cowboy Boots Might be the Mexican Hipster-est Thing Ever

Seriously. They don’t have super spiked toes, but…wow.

Bonus Track: The Coming of Alt-NorteƱo

Isabela Raygoza over on the music site wrote up this awesome you-heard-it-here-first piece on what will be – if Republican candidates’ fears are correct – America’s soundtrack in the next few years.