Guatemala’s “Quema del Diablo”: Where Spiritual Cleansing and Getting Turnt Meet

Lead Photo: Santiago Billy Prem
Santiago Billy Prem
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Every December 7, Guatemalans unofficially kick off Christmas with the Quema del Diablo. The event – where fireworks-filled devil piñatas are burned – is a cleansing ritual that dates back to colonial times. Perspective Travel reports that the tradition began with people putting lanterns in front of their house on the eve of the Immaculate Conception. Those who couldn’t afford lanterns, started burning garbage in front of their homes, and over time this turned into the burning of the devil.

Mostly, this tradition is centered around the devil, but there are times that other hated figures also get their faces slapped on to the papier-mâché figures. The Quema del Diablo has also been called the worst day for the environment. On Snapchat, the most joyous parts of the celebration were captured. Check it out below: