ICYMI: Guatemalan Band Can’t Participate in Rose Parade Because They Were Denied Visas

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When the 127th annual Rose Parade happens on January 1, it will be without Instituto Pedro Molina. The 340-member marching band from Guatemala were denied visas, something that Richard De Jesu, the parade’s music committee chairman, says has not happened in his 25 years working with the organization, according to CBS. In fact, the band performed in the 2010 Rose Parade, which was the first time a Guatemalan band had ever appeared in the parade:

No reason has been given as to why the band’s visas were rejected this time around, but the organization has been working to make it possible. “[We are] working collaboratively with elected officials and the U.S. Embassy [in] Guatemala City to assist the band in securing the necessary travel documents,” a statement said.

Unfortunately, De Jesu says it’s probably not going to happen in time.