These Guatemalan Developers Created the iPhone App of the Year

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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For those iPhone users who are worried about how many dozen tamales they’re going to scarf down this holiday season, Pedro Wunderlich and Andrés Canella have a suggestion for you: Download their fitness app, Wakeout!

The Guatemalan developers were recently named the winners of the iPhone App of the Year by Apple. “This is surreal!” Wunderlich tweeted. “I’m excited to share that Apple has named our app Wakeout as the iPhone App of the Year for 2020. It has been a privilege to help families stay active during this tough year. A big shoutout to all Guatemalan entrepreneurs: Keep at it, it will come!”

Wakeout! encourages people to wake up in the morning and move around. This will help reduce their stress, increase their energy and enhance their mood. There are “over 1,000 exercises and hundreds of fun routines to help users work off the calories.” The app is especially useful for people who have busy lifestyles and don’t have time to curate their own fitness plan.

Canella and Wunderlich gave each other credit online for being such incredible partners to work with.

“Wakeout! is very much about [starting your day with movement],” Canella told 9 News. “It’s about getting started, it’s not necessarily about getting fit. It’s about starting your day, getting some energy for your meeting or for any context.”

Wunderlich says Wakeout! has helped this year because of the pandemic and the fact that many gyms are closed, and people are social distancing more.

“We were already getting like, ‘I hadn’t moved in years and you’ve finally made me get off the couch,’” Wunderlich says. “In 2020, the stories that we started hearing were just multiplied by 20. Exercise has become this event like, ‘You are going to exercise now, put on your dress clothes and go to this space where you’re allowed to move.’ We want to blur the lines of what it is to have permission to move and be active like kids.”

Wakeout! is currently available on the Apple App Store.