Guillermo del Toro, Master of Demons

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Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican master of fantastical cinema is yet again the class star pupil in movies today. One reason to head towards the movies for good entertainment beyond the regular  I’m-smoking-major-ganja or making-as-many-buildings-explode-as-possible summer flicks is Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army. Coming out THIS week–that’s right, that’s the 11th, so mark your calendars, iPods, blackberries whatever–the  Dark Horse comic comes pouncing through the screen once again, with that flare of fantasy that del Toro is so good at cracking.

And even when you’re done watching Hellboy, there is no reason for the Guillermo fun to stop there. Why not check out another film? One you should most definitely see is a little movie that del Toro produced, directed, wrote called The Devil’s Backbone (El Espinazo del Diablo) in 2001. Now this sure as hell isn’t Hellboy–it’s a little bit of The Orphanage, but far scarier. Si te quieres de verdad asustarte solo, watch this. One of the scariest flicks I’ve seen in a while, it tells the story of Carlos in 1939 Spanish Civil War (familiar, yes, yes) who goes to an orphanage intending only to stay briefly while his father fights in the war. He starts to see a ghost that distracts him and tells him that people will die. Is this transparent visitor from another world really the killer?

Check out a clip from The Devil’s Backbone below:

And the trailer for Hellboy 2: