Guillermo Del Toro Urges Us Not to Fight Hate With Hate in Wake of Paris Terror Attacks

Lead Photo: Loic Venance
Loic Venance
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As more information is released about the Paris terror attacks and people continue to reel from the events that left more than 120 dead, Guillermo del Toro shared his own harrowing experience.

In 1997, del Toros’ father was kidnapped from Guadalajara, and the kidnappers asked for a $1 million ransom for his safety. Del Toro had put all his money in his first Hollywood film, Mimic, so James Cameron stepped up and gave him the money he needed.

In a series of tweets, del Toro explained that though he was angry and hurt, he didn’t want to spread more hate when given the opportunity to get revenge on the people who caused his family so much pain.

Check out the touching and personal story below: