Thanks to the Internet, This Man Is Naming His Son Goku Sanchez

Lead Photo: Photo by LWA/Dann Tardif /Blend Images
Photo by LWA/Dann Tardif /Blend Images
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Picking out baby names is often incredibly challenging for parents – especially if you decide to get the internet involved. But that’s exactly what Carlos Sanchez did when he called on the internet to help him get to 1 million likes so that he could name his son Goku after the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z. In an image he posted a week ago onto Facebook, Sanchez held a sign that read, “My wife said if I get 1 mil [likes], I can name our son Goku.”

He managed to quickly meet the goal, and then followed up his initial post with a video of his wife holding a sign that said she’d hold up her end of the bargain. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see her initial reaction.

So couldn't get her reaction on video so we made this video. Thanks everyone for the likes and support!! Can't wait to show goku all the likes he got one day!!

Posted by Carlos Sanchez on Friday, January 26, 2018

But years from now little Goku will have a one-of-a-kind story about his name.