On Monday, May 11, Rio Uribe hosted an international casting call on his brand’s Instagram account. Though virtual model scouting isn’t perhaps a new thing of the now, this direct, personal, live approach is—and no one’s done it quite like Gypsy Sport so far.

The LA-born fashion designer invited followers and friends to participate in the IG event, which he began touting about a week earlier. Anyone and everyone (aged 16 and up) was allowed to partake.

The purpose of the call was to recruit folks for an upcoming digital fashion show—the runway adaptation of our times—as well as upcoming editorial shoots, style interviews and other projects he has up his sleeve. Uribe hopes to add 50-100 models to his roster.

The call generated a great response. The two-hour casting call turned into over an over four-hour one. Over 150 people were on the virtual line at one point, waiting to be tapped into the live for their minute-long pitch and walk. Many also took the opportunity to express their appreciation for Uribe’s inclusive brand and even pitch him, which he took note of.

People from around the world—including a Colombian designer on the rise who wore a sheer, bedazzled ankle-length dress twith nothing underneath and a London-based voguer—shot their shot. Many Latin American countries, including Panama, Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador, were represented.

It was the first of its kind, but certainly not the last.

Participants who make the cut will be tapped for further details. The diversity in the group of folks I saw is reflective of Uribe’s runways past and initial vision for the brand. Seven years in, it seems like this designer isn’t just making his way past a bump in the road—he’s looking to use this moment to take him further and higher.