‘Hamilton’ Cast Will Perform Show’s Opening Number at This Year’s Grammys

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Lin-Manuel Miranda will be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards, because he’s unstoppable right now. In a video, the cast of Hamilton revealed that they would be performing the opening number of the show on February 15 via live satellite, according to USA Today.

“We’re going to do the opening number, scream with joy, and then celebrate the fact that we were just on the Grammys,” Miranda said. Though the show doesn’t run on Mondays, there will be a live audience at the Richard Rodgers Theater for the event. This is the first time the cast of Hamilton has performed the show in a televised event.

Since you probably won’t be getting Hamilton tickets anytime soon, you can find comfort in knowing that after the Grammys, you’ll only have 33 musical numbers left to catch.