Lin-Manuel Miranda Confirms Filming of ‘Hamilton’ Before His Exit, And Then Trolls Us

Lead Photo: Joan Marcus
Joan Marcus
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It’s official, fam: Lin-Manuel Miranda is leaving Hamilton. Over breakfast in Washington Heights, Lin-Manuel confirmed that Broadway’s OG Alexander Hamilton will leave the show on July 9th. As we weep at the thought of never getting to see Lin-Manuel perform the titular role, the prodigy offered us a glimmer of hope. “I think this is a role I’m going to be going back to again and again. I plan to revisit this role a lot,” Lin-Manuel said, according to USA Today. This means I’ll continue to enter the $10 lottery on the off-chance that Lin-Manny drops by.

But with all conversation surrounding Lin-Manuel’s exit, many have glossed over the most exciting parts. On a Twitter thread, Lin disclosed that both a documentary and the mixtape covering the show will premiere in October. However, the most shocking/exciting/nail-biting information is that the show will be filmed with the entire original cast.

However, he immediately followed his tweet with a Harry Potter troll, though he said he doesn’t know what will happen to the footage.

But I’ve got faith. This is the same guy who started the “Ham 4 Ham” pre-show performances because the lines of people waiting on standby for lottery tickets got so out of hand. Instead of letting mostly everyone go home disappointment, he started performing with other cast members and special guests. It’s been notoriously difficult to get tickets, and the people who’d most benefit from seeing people who look like them on stage have been priced out. So I’ve definitely got hope that the recording will become available to everyone on Netflix, a-la Into the Woods.