Hamilton’s ‘My Shot’ Gets Reimagined by Healthcare Workers To Promote COVID-19 Vaccine

Lead Photo: Screenshot courtesy of Vax in 8 Docs
Screenshot courtesy of Vax in 8 Docs
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A group of doctors in California are getting the job done when it comes to raising awareness around the COVID-19 vaccine. North California physician Dr. Andrew Liu has reworked the lyrics of the Hamilton song “My Shot.” Liu wrote, performed, and enlisted his wife Dr. Tuong-Vi Ha, along with other healthcare workers, to remake the song.

The video, uploaded earlier this month, already has over 125,000 views. Together, the song took about three months to shoot and edit. But the end result is just as catchy as the original. The reimagining did get the blessing from the folks at Hamilton though there is no reaction publicly to the new song.

“Gotta distribute effectively / Get through all these waiting lists / Give me a syringe and show me where the vaccination is,” the song goes.

This isn’t the first time the broadway musical has helped bring attention to various causes. Take for example the devastation in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria. The show traveled to the U.S. territory and put on a production to raise money. Or, when then serving U.S. Vice President Mike Pence sat in on a show, the cast took their curtain call and delivered a message of diversity.

As for the reworked song, physicians, as always, got the job done.