Happy Cinco de Cuatro!

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It’s pretty hard to mess up today’s date, but in a throwback to the Bushisms we haven’t heard in a while, Obama did.

Yesterday’s date, anyway. Some White House chums gathered on May 4th for an early U.S. celebration of this non-celebrated-in-Mexico Mexican holiday. Being the jokester that he is, Obama tried to get a little laugh with his opening address:

“Bienvenidos. Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro — (laughter) — Cinco de Mayo at the White House. We are a day early, but we always like to get a head start here at the Obama White House.”

They might like to get a head start, but they don’t like to check their Google translator. “Happy fifth of the fourth” no es bueno, Señor Presidente.

Hey, at least this president speaks English.