Happy Friday!

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Dear Beloved Remezcla Readers,

We’re sorry that it’s been almost a month since our last Happy Friday. We hope you’ll accept this video of adorable children dancing to cumbia as an apology.

We promise we totally have an excuse, though. In case you’ve missed it. We’ve been rather busy lately with a little something we like to call The Spot. The spot is the real

life, brick and mortar equivalent to Remezcla’s digital space, a place where Latin Alternative music comes to live, breathe, and flourish. Heineken has given us an incredible opportunity to bring the sounds and sights we love so much directly to you, the loyal netizens of Remezclalandia. (And, we suppose, the illegal netigrants, as well. Can we please see your papers?)

And before we forget: there are also tons of really cool concerts.

The first week kicked off big with our VIP launch party, featuring a surprise performance by Cucu Diamantes. The following night was the first public event, and it featured performance by former Elefant frontman Diego Garcia, singing tracks off his new solo album. Rey Pila brought the house down with the power of his electric guitar and his long, luxurious locks. Closing out The Spot was the lovely Carla Morrison – whose beautifully shot The Spot interview can be viewed here – who crooned us into the night. Tego Calderon performed on Friday, July 15th accompanied by a live band to a packed house that couldn’t get enough. Saturday afternoon, La Vida Boheme dropped by to perform before skipping off to Brooklyn to open for Los Amigos Invisibles, because why not, right? The first Saturday dance party was stuffed the gils with gyrating bodies as the DJ enclave Peligrosa All Stars shared the stage with Moombahton Massive and the Que Bajo?! duo Geko Jones and Uproot Andy.

And that was just the first week. So far, in the second week, ?uestlove of The Roots fame DJ’d our Digital Art Battle/dance party, and last night’s indie urban showcase was off the chain – Zuzuka Poderosa, Los Rakas and Maluca Mala created a heat wave indoors to rival the one going on outside. Don’t believe us? All you had to do was read the live projected Twitter feed to see how much the crowd loved it.

Tonight we’re headed to Kinky, Like Some Cat From Japan, and Mexican Dubwiser, and we can’t get enough.

If you haven’t been to an event at The Spot yet, what are you waiting for? Check out the schedule, and RSVP before…well, before you can’t anymore. Tomorrow’s D’Marquesina Summer Party promises to be chock full of awesome…