Happy National Coffee Day: Best Latin Coffee in Miami!

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Let’s face it, coffee is in our blood. Whether it was the café con leche our moms made every mañana before school or the shot of espresso we religiously drink every day at the myriad of Cuban cafeterías in this city, it’s evident that coffee culture is a big part of living in Miami—it’s no wonder that overpriced artisanal blends don’t always cut it. Sometimes, you want the comfort of a cortadito or the taste of a tinto to warm and wake you up. So to celebrate National Coffee Day, why not have a cup of José at one of these locations that serve some authentic Latin varieties of coffee?

Enriqueta’s Sanwich Shop
(2832 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami, 305.573.4681)

It’s great when a neighborhood like Midtown/Wynwood, which has gained a reputation for high-end, trendy eateries, still has a great spot for coffee that isn’t filled with people typing away on their laptops. Open for breakfast and lunch, Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop provides patrons with, not just Cuban food (Read: the best pan con bistec on this side of Havana!) that will make you lick your fingers, but fantastic, old-school Cuban cafecitos in a cool, urban setting.

(2101 S.W. Coral Way, Miami, 305.854.9350)

This Spanish joint has a huge selection of wines from Spain and elsewhere, but we love it for their delicious array of after-dinner coffees. Don’t miss the Lavazza espresso, which they often serve with a tiny marzipan cookie or chocolate bonbon. Xixón’s cinnamon, chocolate and steamed foam covered cappuccinos are also amazing. The Cola Cao (think Swiss Miss) and the rich, Spanish hot chocolate are also a good alternative if you want something caffeine-free—just remember to order them with a side of churros.

Graziano’s Market
(2301 Galiano St., Coral Gables, 305.460.0001)

The Coral Gables’ market location of Argetinean chain of eateries—located on Hialeah, off Bird Road and in Coral Gables off LeJeune Road—is our go-to for a 4p.m. coffee break. The bakery tucked inside this Argentinian market in Coral Gables is home to, not just superb Argentinian food, but also some of the best Italian-influenced porteño coffee in Miami. The best part about going for a coffee here is accompanying them with their phenomenal Argentinian desserts, most of which contain dulce de leche. They serve most of their coffees with a cookie but if your luck’s run out, we say spring for an alfajor… or two.

Café Versailles
(3555 S.W. 8th St., Miami, 305.444.0240)

Yes, it’s an obvious choice—given that it’s one of Miami’s most famous establishments—but that’s exactly why any mention of the words “coffee” and “Miami” isn’t complete without acknowledging Calle Ocho’s most popular Cuban eatery (well, before or after La Carreta, depending on who you ask). Sure, it’s to get better Cuban food at several different locations, but few have ever disputed Versailles’ claim as the best place to get Cuban coffee in Miami. Every café con leche and cortadito comes standard with evaporated milk, and the espresso is so strong that spilling it over may possibly burn a hole through your table. Plus, nothing beats the atmosphere, which is the perfect microcosm of Miami: old Cuban men talking politics, predicting when Castro is going to keel over;  fresh-off-the-cruise-ship tourists trying to figure out what a pastelito de guayaba is. It’s no wonder that their walk-up window serves over 1,000 cafecitos every day!

Don’t forget Remezcla reps Chicago, LA, San Francisco and New York City. So if you’re not in the Miami area, don’t feel like we’ve left you out in the cold (although iced coffee is kind of our guilty, non-Latino pleasure).

Tell us YOUR favorite coffee spot!