Happy National Coffee Day: Best Latin Coffee in San Francisco!

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Let’s face it, coffee is in our blood. Whether it was the café con leche our moms made every mañana before school or the shot of espresso we have to revive us after a big lunch, it’s evident that coffee culture is a big part of being Latin. It’s no wonder that watered-down deli coffees and overpriced artisanal blends don’t always cut it. Sometimes, you want the comfort of a cortadito or the taste of a tinto to warm and wake you up. So to celebrate National Coffee Day, why not have a cup of José at one of these locations that serve some authentic Latin varieties of coffee?

Cafe La Taza

(2475 Mission St., San Francisco, 415.824.7717)

Among the Mission‘s taquerias and dive bars, this location of Cafe La Taza is the place to go and enjoy un cafecito with your fellow coffee enthusiasts. The small restaurant boasts a full lunch and dinner menu as well as a great coffee selection. The house coffee is dark, served steaming and rich enough to stand against a heavy drizzle of tempered cream.

Caffe D’Melanio

(1314 Ocean Ave., San Francisco, 415.333.3665)

In the city college area? Take your laptop and books to Caffe D’ Melanio for a steaming cup of gourmet coffee. The coffee shop features an in-house roaster that’s in plain view of customers, so you’re guaranteed nothing but the freshest brew.

Sun Stream Coffee

(2884 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, 415.567.5330)

A Brazilian staple located in Laurel Heights, it not only serves coffee, but they have yummy, fresh-baked pastries, juices and your classic, Brazilian lunch spread. The place is tiny, but packed full of that sexy Brazilian flavor. From iced to mocha to cappuccinos and espressos, Sun Stream has it all. If it’s a nice day in Laurel Heights, consider taking your coffee to-go (it can get pretty cramped in there) or opt for the coffee shop’s delivery service instead.

Soccer Cafe

(2797 16th St, San Francisco, 415.974.1115)

Still suffering from World Cup withdrawals? I know I am, and there is no better place to check into than Soccer Cafe for your soccer and coffee fix. At $1.50 a pop, the small cup of delicious coffee is more than reasonable. Plus, for those of us who’d rather savor the coffee bean flavor than jet off like a jumping bean at first sip, Soccer Cafe’s mild brew is best. Great coffee, an ever-changing daily menu and great family style service, means you’ll likely be coming back to this neighborhood gem.

Don’t forget Remezcla reps New York, LA, Chicago and Miami. So be sure to check out our other favorite spots!

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