Happy No Panty Day!

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Hey I bet many of you didn’t know that it’s International No Panty Day! This little so called holiday was formed by an anonymous collective who invites you this day, today (June 22) to go commando and let your genitals get fresh! After days of anonoumosy circulating on the internet, the campagn has inspired ladies all over the globe to go free of underwear. It’s getting hot, so take off your underwear. Today we feel fresh, fun, and liberated.

It’s the day we can go against social convention. Social conventions that were historically more severe on women. Even though this seems like a wacky day for a celebration, it’s actually very serious. I mean let’s seriously avoid any urinary track infections as we liberate it. Let it ventilate.

Today satisfies our longing for innate freedom, and provides us with a glimpse of ​​what it feels like, literally and figuratively, to not wear anything underneath our clothes. Today, we bare it all.

On the other hand today’s celebration may have something to do with the summer solstice usually observed on June 21 and the arrival of summer heat–reason enough to shed some clothing.