The Harvard Student Who Drove Her Undocumented Mom 4K Miles to Her Commencement Ceremony Just Graduated

Lead Photo: Anna Clare Spelman / Univision
Anna Clare Spelman / Univision
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Last week, we were captivated by  25-year-old Harvard graduate Norma Torres Mendoza – who traveled nearly 4,000 miles between Houston, Texas and Cambridge, Massachusetts so that her undocumented mom could attend her graduation. Because her mother is undocumented, she can’t risk flying, so Mendoza – who was working toward her Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government – drove her mom back to where she’s spent the last couple of years.

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“I was pretty excited to show my mother where I’ve been for the past two years,” Norma told NBC News. Before Norma’s graduation today, she and her mother attended Harvard’s second annual Latino Graduation, a student-run event designed to highlight the accomplishments of Latinos.

And because all of Norma’s efforts, her mom was able to witness this special moment today: