Is it Latino, Latinx or Latine? — HBO Max Pa’lante! Releases New Roundtable Discussion

Lead Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Courtesy of HBO.
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Is it Latino, Latinx, or Latine? Why are our communities targeted in marketing from September 15-October 15 when we purchase goods all year long? What are you? These are just some of the questions discussed in the HBO Max Pa’lante! “Are You Listening?” campaign.

Under the campaign, there are varying topics discussed ranging from modern motherhood to the future of Latinidad. Their latest episode titled “The History of Us” features a roundtable-like discussion surrounding hot topics such as the birth of “Hispanic Heritage Month.” Featured in the talk is the creator of Habla, Alberto Ferreras, former Editor in Chief of Jezebel Julianne Escobedo, journalist Jessica Hoppe, Global Chief DE&I Officer for BBDO Jason Rosario, and founder of the Bronx is Reading Saraciea J. Fenneli

In the 15-minute video, each of the speakers talks candidly about their viewpoints. Their outlooks offer proof that even among Latine people, there is not only one “right” way to view a topic or even be represented, but that we should be able to discuss our thoughts and experiences with healthy dialogue. Quite simply: Your view may be different from mine, and that is ok. 

The video will easily resonate with Latine viewers, but it will also educate non-Latine people on perspectives or experiences that they may otherwise be unfamiliar with — or choose to hold ignorance with. 

“This is a rally cry to the media and brands to support our community in showcasing the full spectrum of us – culturally across the board,” says the video’s Director and WORD Founder Zoila Darton. “Through this powerful, sincere conversation about identity and the intricately weaved quilt that is Latinidad, we will ask the outside community: “Are You Listening To Us?”

Watch the full video below.