Here’s What to Look Out For During Scorpio Season

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla.
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla.
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If you’ve felt something shift in your psyche these past few days, like something large looms on the horizon or you’re on the cusp of a crucial revelation, it’s not just in your head–the stars ruled it so, and there is a metamorphosis just around the corner. October 22nd marked the sun moving out of loving Libra and into spooky Scorpio, and things are about to get freaky. (In a good way.)

If you’re new to astrology or simply a skeptic, don’t fear: We’ll convert you in no time. But really, as an astro-fanatic Libra with Mercury, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio, I specifically set out to explore the secrets of the season–while Mercury is retrograde–to help you better brace yourself for the mysterious month to come.

According to Miami-based clairvoyant astrologer Valerie Mesa, the switch to Scorpio from Libra likely feels like a relief, especially for those on the empathetic side. “Despite Libra’s justice-seeking personality and harmonious presence, things felt incredibly tense this year,” she explains. “There’s still more to be revealed during Scorpio season, [but] the energy will be easier to work with.”

The thing about Scorpio season is that, while Scorpios seem intimidating, they’re actually quite sensitive, and therefore, so is the season. “Scorpio season is always cathartic, revealing, and transformative,” Mesa says, adding that this common misconception may be because of Pluto. “Scorpio is governed by shadowy Pluto—Lord of the Underworld, and planet of death, power, regeneration, taboo, and all things hidden beneath the surface—which is why Scorpios are notorious for being intimidating, ‘oversexed,’ and polarizing.” So really, Scorpios are just misunderstood. Like we were in middle school as we went through a “phase.”

But while Scorpios can be emotional, they’re certainly not weak. “Scorpio is powerful beyond measure, and its season is no different.”

Translation: Buckle up. This might be a bumpy ride.

Pluto is currently sitting alongside Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn, meaning that this season’s radical shift will “likely revolve around structures, government systems, and authority figures… especially those who have been misusing their power,” Mesa says. Intriguing, as election day is just over a week away–the same day Mercury goes direct (or back to “normal”).

On a more personal level, Mesa reveals that Scorpio season will “shed light on previously-set foundations that no longer serve us.” This could mean a partner, a job, or even a lifestyle–so keep an eye out for the universe hinting at what’s no longer needed.

And while Scorpios are also often associated with sex, we’re sorry, but this season won’t be as seductive as usual. For that, you can blame Mars: “Scorpio’s traditional ruler, Mars, is also retrograde until November 13th, and this planet has everything to do with carnal desires, sexual expression, and physical contact. At least not until later in the season.”

So mark your (socially distanced!) dates for November 14 and after. Until then, prepare for transformation, and embrace it.