Here’s What to Expect from Capricorn Season

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Welcome to the New Age, y’all! On December 21st, during the Winter Solstice, we experienced what’s known as the “Great Conjunction,” when Jupiter and Saturn meet in the sky every twenty years. This time, the powerful planets met at 29 degrees Aquarius, which they haven’t since the 1400s–just after the Bubonic plague, right as the renaissance commenced. (Sound familiar?)

I asked Miami-based clairvoyant astrologer Valeria Mesa what this means, who said that the Great Conjunction in the element of Air (Aquarius is indeed an air sign, despite being the zodiac water-bearer) will “immediately shift our focus toward the intellectual, virtual and futuristic.” Essentially, “we’re collectively vibing at a higher frequency this season, and that in itself feels like a breath of fresh air.” Phew!

In other astrological news, we’ve made the seasonal transition from impulsive Sagittarius to hyper-practical Capricorn. Both the sun and Mercury are now transiting through the structured sign, which may not sound very exciting–but it totally is!

According to Mesa, Sagittarius season is a time for “self-discovery, exploring unknown territory and taking leaps of faith,” which is great–but can be pointless sans structure. Hence, the prominence of calm, conscientious Capricorn, who cosmically pushes us to actually move forward with our revolutionary inner-transformations, instead of endlessly day-dreaming of what-ifs. “Capricorn season encourages us to materialize and manifest everything we’ve learned and aspired towards,” she says. “It shifts our focus from the infinite possibilities to reality.”

This make-your-dreams-a-reality mentality is why Capricorn season is the perfect time to set intentions, channel ambitions and focus on future goals, Mesa says. “Capricorn is technically the ‘oldest and wisest’ of the earth signs; hence this cardinal earth sign’s ruthless determination and general pragmatism,” she continues. “Just like their (winter) season, those born under the sign of the goat typically come across cold and harsh but in reality, they’re simply focused on their ambitions and tedious to-do list.” Consider conveying that energy and use it to restructure and reorganize. It can be anything from your public persona to your kitchen to your (at-home) desk.

Capricorn season is an earthly opportunity to truly take charge of both your personal and professional life, and Mesa suggests we use Capricorn season to ground ourselves and look towards the future–from a pragmatic perspective, of course.

Lastly, don’t forget: “There are no shortcuts during Capricorn season.” So tackle your whole to do-list. Capricorn season is watching!