Hey, everyone: stop fucking with Spanish paintings, okay?

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Twitter: @BarbotRobot

So first in Texas some dude straight up vandalizes a Picasso painting, while some guy who’s totally not his accomplice (right?) films it…

…then some other guy straight up walks out of an NYC gallery with a valuable Dalí watercolor.

The question here, of course, is this: WTF? Two famous Spanish artists’ works messed with in the same week? I call shenanigans. You heard it here first, people: CONSPIRACY. Will the Dalí be sold, or is it a statement? Why are the people guarding these pieces so bad at their jobs? (In the video, the guard seems more concerned that there’s someone taking pictures than that someone just WROTE ON THE VERY VALUABLE PICASSO PAINTING.)

More importantly, though: who wants to donate to my Kickstarter where I try to raise money to buy a Dalí watercolor?