A Bunch of Viejitos in El Barrio Let Hillary Clinton Win at Dominoes

Lead Photo: Hannah Chanpong
Hannah Chanpong
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In pockets of some Latino communities, playing dominoes is more than a pastime; it’s as sacred as church – a tradition that’s passed down from generation to generation. So when Hillary Clinton visited an East Harlem senior center while on the campaign trail today, she made sure to hit the domino table.

And while the Hispandering accusations are already flooding in, she looks like she legitimately enjoyed herself – probably because los viejitos were nice enough to let her hit the capicúa for the cameras.

Most of the old Boris and Dominicans we know wouldn’t even let their first born beat them at dominoes, so we’re guessing they’re going to get some side-eye on the block for this. But we can’t deny it made for an entertaining photo opp.

Check out the full video below.

And also, this priceless Vine:

And relive her winning move: